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7 Jun 2021

Peak Group and deugro group Form K2 Project Forwarding AS for Norwegian Market

Peak Group is expanding its business activities with the establishment of an own project forwarding company, K2 Project Forwarding AS in a joint investment with deugro group. Consisting of highly experienced personnel with a long personal track record from national and global projects, it will act as an independent project freight forwarder in Norway.

K2 Project Forwarding AS (K2) has been founded to serve Norway-based clients with the full scale of project freight forwarding services combining the deugro network’s best-in-class global logistics solutions.

“We aim to offer the Norwegian project market a dedicated, highly qualified, and independent project freight forwarder, and we have the ambition to make a difference in the Norwegian forwarding market,” said Didrik T. Martens, Chairman, Peak Group.

K2 will be led by Leif Arne Strømmen, who has been appointed CEO. He started his position on 3 May 2021 and has extensive knowledge in the freight forwarding business. He has held several international positions within innovation, projects, oil and gas, and marine logistics.

“Leif Arne Strømmen has achieved significant results in his previous positions and will contribute strongly to the development of K2 Project Forwarding AS,” said Jan -Petter Slethaug, CEO, Peak Group.

“The establishment of K2 Project Forwarding is based on our strategy to develop freight forwarding further in Peak Group, and we have a strong belief that we will provide the market with the highest quality solutions, both technical and conceptual.”

Key to K2’s success is seen in the company’s strong combination of industry and subject matter experts as well as in its international presence, which allows it to focus on dealing with any business opportunities locally and in real time to ensure safe and on-time delivery of clients’ cargo.

A close cooperation between the companies on several levels gives clients access to innovative solutions and an international network. This includes access to deugro group’s IT systems such as the CargoWise transport management system (TMS) and deugro visiotrack, a Web-based supply chain management system providing clients 24/7 global access to all cargo information and documentation needed for smooth work processes, ensuring visible, real -time logistics data. “We are happy to enter into this partnership, as we have found the right partner and the right individuals in Peak Group and K2 in Norway,” said Thomas C. Press, CEO and Owner, deugro group.

“This is the next milestone in a very important and future -orientated market where we are going to combine local excellence and experiences with global competences and strengths in project freight forwarding,” added Klaus Strahmann, Senior Executive Vice President, deugro group.

K2 is an independent company, and the main focus is always to provide customized solutions at the best price for clients. Access to internal technical and transport expertise, within the organizations of both deugro group and Peak Group, serves to benefit clients. The service range includes global project freight forwarding, supply chain consultancy, engineering, re-supply, and spare part logistics.

Source Peak Group

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