Pacific Osprey Returns to Work with Extended Crane Boom – Heavy Lift News
4 Jun 2020

Pacific Osprey Returns to Work with Extended Crane Boom

Swire Blue Ocean (SBO) is pleased to announce that the Pacific Osprey is officially returning to operations with an extended crane boom designed to install the latest generation of wind turbines. With this upgrade, Pacific Osprey ranks among the most sophisticated windfarm installation vessels on the market, offering high-end solutions for even the most ambitious offshore wind projects.

“It is an amazing time for all of us in the Company and in offshore wind. Pacific Osprey is bringing new force to the offshore wind supply chain and we look forward to seeing her back in operations. Our teams have worked hard in partnership with various third parties to upgrade the crane capacity of our vessel, and I am very proud of the high-quality delivery I have seen from everyone who contributed to this upgrade. We look forward to exciting times ahead,” says Chief Executive Officer, SBO, Mikkel Gleerup.

The installation project was completed successfully on 30 May. The lift of the boom onto Pacific Osprey was executed on 14 April by NOV with the use of two shore cranes and was followed by the installation of the wires and hooks. After Pacific Osprey had passed a series of load tests, the final commissioning phase was executed on 8 May and resulted in the obtention of an updated class approval. In parallel, NOV performed a complete training of all SBO’s crane operators to ensure they are fully prepared for operation of the new crane.

In the project’s final days, SBO contracted Semco Maritime to install the hook baskets and hook basket supports; this scope required insertion of a steel structure through the vessel’s accommodation. Semco Maritime also elevated the navigation lights to ensure visibility when the new boom is at rest.

“We are very happy to see Pacific Osprey completed with her extended crane boom. Our contractors and subcontractors have worked with an exceptional level of cooperation throughout the various phases of the installation, and our crew members have provided excellent support to the teams at all times,” says Head of Marine Operations, SBO, Kim Tribler.

Pacific Osprey’s new boom has a simplified design focused on providing efficient wind turbine installations, with optimisations driven by industry experience. It is equipped with a 1,200 MT main crane – 132 m hook height above deck. With its upgraded crane boom, Pacific Osprey is capable of handling the next generation of WTGs, and under normal operating conditions, is capable of handling the following number of turbine sets per loadout:

  • 4 x SG 11.0-193 DD,
  • 5 x V164-10.0 MW,
  • 5 x V174-9.5 MW,
  • 3 x GE Haliade-X 12MW

Source Swire Blue Ocean

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