Osprey Group Prepared with "Brexit Port Support" for Heavy Lift related Professionals, Brokers, Managers and Planners – Heavy Lift News
17 Dec 2020

Osprey Group Prepared with “Brexit Port Support” for Heavy Lift related Professionals, Brokers, Managers and Planners

With just days to go and uncertainty still for many businesses in the international supply chain, Osprey Group releases ‘Brexit Port Support’ – an assistance service for heavy lift project professionals, brokers, volume cargo managers and international project planners.

Osprey Group’s senior team has created a unique service that will be open to anyone needing heavy lift-related import or export support over the Christmas season and on into the New Year.

A 300% increase is expected in customs declarations for UK inbound and outbound cargo during this first phase of post-Brexit trade. The team has discovered that many experienced supply-chain professionals have questions about new processes, documentation, and best practice moving forward.

Nigel Fletcher, CEO: “Brexit Port Support is a direct response to the many questions we’ve had about specialist logistics moving forwards. Guidance from the government isn’t easy to find, but our team has pulled together the answers to many of those queries already – complex and simple. There is no such thing as a silly question when it comes to shipping multi-million-pound cargoes.”

Osprey has 25 years’ experience handling worldwide supply chains and will be on stand-by with specialist process advice; guidance on post-Brexit Customs declarations; applications for EORI numbers – setting up UK HMRC deferment accounts – and other requirements such as tariff clarification, and efficient payments of VAT and Duty.

Fletcher continues: “We understand the processes for importing and exporting specialist cargoes into the UK, which means the transition into a post-Brexit world can be a 100% managed issue. Osprey’s Brexit Port Support service is specifically for colleagues who have questions – any question, simple or not – about keeping their cargo moving during this period of changing processes.”

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