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14 Nov 2022

Osprey Group Adds Senior Project Manager to Team

Alan Faulds

Osprey Group continues to expand its operations with Alan Faulds now working as a Senior Project Manager for the business. Alan has worked internationally in senior positions for many years and is a great believer in Osprey’s people-centric approach to everything they do.

“It’s struck me that the wellbeing of the workforce is first and foremost in the minds of the Senior Leadership Team, and that makes such a difference on site. We have a highly motivated, valued team. The growth and respect we’re experiencing is no accident.”

In his role supporting clients in the nuclear industry with early contractor engagement, Alan is advancing the excellent work currently being shown by Osprey’s Hinkley Point C team.

“As an approach, early contractor engagement delivers so much value into any project – it’s really only by talking to technical specialists who understand where to find savings without cutting corners later in the programme, that you can build in efficiencies with confidence up front.” By saving time and money through solution-based thinking, Osprey contributes to a more sustainable future for not only EDF, but the UK nuclear energy sector as whole.

Alan: “With every new project, we’re accruing the priceless cross-sector insights that nurture innovation. I enjoy lending my knowledge and experience to other aspects of the business to support that journey. With a team of very intelligent and motivated individuals who perform as a great team, I look forward to what the future holds.”

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