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24 Jul 2020

Osprey Celebrates 25th Anniversary and Installs Airport Bridge

In the week that Osprey reached the grand old age of 25 news of their activities continues to impress.

When bridges need building, one of the biggest challenges for contractors is time: how to complete a job efficiently so that minimum disruption is caused to travellers, commuters, businesses, and bottom lines.

In Manchester, Osprey were able to help mitigate the impact of downtime and road closures when they helped to install the new, £6 million pedestrian and cycle bridge over the M56 motorway spur road at Airport City – linking two key parts of the Manchester Airport extension.

Osprey were contracted for this project by BCEGI UK Construction, the Principal Contractor working for Airport City Ltd.

The bridge itself spans a void of 52.5 meters, although the completed length is 98m. The central section, moved by Osprey, was 81m long.

All in all, this structure will link the site to the airport’s transport interchange and terminals, as well as providing direct access for pedestrians and cyclists travelling to and from Wythenshawe and wider local area. As a critical piece of infrastructure, it needs to last at least one lifetime if not more and weathering Cor-Ten steel made this a heavy lift in every sense. Cor-Ten steel develops a rust-like aesthetic after several years’ exposure to weather and eliminates the need for painting.

Designed by Manchester architects 5Plus and structurally designed by RoC Consulting, the 98m long and 6m wide bridge is a striking addition to the landscape at Airport City Manchester. The bridge features more than 21,000 perforations across its length.

Source Osprey and BCEGI UK Construction

Photographs courtesy of Osprey and BCEGI UK Construction

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