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22 Mar 2022

Osprey and their Liebherr LTM 1800(D) with the Answer to Many Heavy Lift Challenges

When Osprey, the Heavy Lifting and Cranes company, asks whether size matters their answer is yes, to a point. Infrastructure scope may or may not have plateaued for the time being, and there are still constraints every company faces due to the limitations imposed by moving a chassis around our road network. However, they have often succeeded removing this challenge in many projects.

The Osprey team knows how to manoeuvre their large heavy lift crane equipment and tackle incredibly difficult access problems in complex, built-up locations, and, as they have one of only a few 1,000t cranes available in the UK, they have done so frequently. Their clients have seen how their Heavy Lift team has discovered, with a little ingenuity, new ways to use these cranes, new ways to rig them (particularly in tight spaces), and new ways to use their capability for projects that might otherwise seem impossible.

Their LTM1800 is supported by one of the UK’s largest fleet of SPMTs. These SPMTs have often proven to be a problem-solver for clients who have their own ideas of a crane solution. With a 60m main boom, up to 160te in counterweights and up to 91m of luffing fly jib there is plenty of ancillary equipment to be located at a tightly spaced site.

Another ‘plus’ on this crane is the ‘quick release’ slew ring. With this Osprey can remove the upper works and take everything into a site by low loader, bringing the axle loadings down to a class leading minimum, which means the LTM1800 can be ideal for sites with challenging access.

When the derrick and the super lift attachment are fitted, the lifting capacity of the LTM1800 is raised to 1000te. The derrick, or back mast, can be fitted alone as a strengthened telescopic boom, or in combination with 200te of super-lift counterweight to further increase the lifting capacity.




Source Osprey


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