Osprey Adds Four 6-axel SPMTs and Three Z180 PPUs to Fleet – Heavy Lift News
27 Oct 2023

Osprey Adds Four 6-axel SPMTs and Three Z180 PPUs to Fleet

Osprey is adding four 6-axle SPMT units to its fleet, with three Z180 PPUs. This latest investment means Osprey has more than 100 axle lines available in the UK. The new SPMT units also have solid fill tyres that will offer an increase in axle loadings.

This investment means clients have access to an increased number of SPMT axles that are already based in the UK. In addition, those axles are geared to the sustainability issues that are becoming so important in project management.

Much of the equipment used in specialist logistics is confined to older, less eco-oriented technology. While retro-fitting may be an option in the long term, these new additions to Osprey’s SPMT fleet are a sign of achievable, forward-thinking – increasing the number of UK-based axles with green credentials defining that expansion. This investment in new SPMTs also helps to minimise the firm’s environmental footprint while expanding capability for clients. The units use AdBlue technology, and the new PPUs are equipped with the latest Euro 5 engines.

Dean Graham, Operations & QHSE Director. “The growth of our SPMT fleet complements our existing full scope of services covering installations, heavy cranes and barge activities – these axles are here, ready to use. AdBlue also reduces engine emissions measurably, which is better for the environment.”

This is another good news story for the British specialist logistics firm, with its 25-year marine heritage providing the transferrable skills necessary to transport irreplaceable, super-sized critical assets. The new units have the green credentials that meet Osprey’s Environmental and sustainability model – an all-important criteria for project managers intent on meeting their own ESG targets.




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