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3 Jul 2020

Ørsted Moves Cables to the Netherlands Assisted by Osprey

Osprey recently helped Ørsted to move its full inventory of array cables from the UK to a new, longer-term storage facility in the Netherlands. The final stage of this transfer meant moving two array cables themselves, with all of their associated containerised cargo and pallets of equipment – 760Te in all – by sea and by road. Osprey provided the end-to-end suite of engineered logistics necessary for the job.

Osprey are the only UK company that’s transported every type of component to offshore wind facilities. With already a complete inventory of required equipment, everything from cable carousels to heavy-lift cranes to multi-modal marine and land transport, they can now add experience to overcome any challenges that might arise. From factory pick-up, by road, through to final installation often far offshore, they have provided a full suite of engineered multi-modal logistics to support companies working towards carbon-neutrality goals.

By delivering that critical infrastructure, safely, they are playing a small part in keeping up the worldwide momentum for renewable energy, ensuring that equipment is transported and installed on budget, and on time.

To their list of logistical achievements they can now add their work for Ørsted moving all of the array cables and accessories from one storage provider in the UK to a new location in Holland.

Biglift’s Happy Buccaneer was able to fill their needs for draught and lifting requirements for the transport from Harwich. Osprey’s completed project included the following aspects

  • All onshore preparations, both sides of the Channel
  • Road haulage to transport smaller items
  • Management and provision of all equipment for load-out (rollers, caterpillars, quadrants etc.)
  • Weather proofing of transportable baskets, allowing for standing time
  • Charter of vessels including engineering and stowage plans
  • Mooring quayside at receiving port
  • Managing all load-out documentation including RAMS.
  • Assessing and checking container integrity
  • Mobilization and loading to vessel and truck
  • Executing >200+t heavy-lift operations safely

Source Osprey


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