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8 Apr 2022

Orion on Sea Trials in Baltic Sea

Almost 2 years after the crane incident in Rostock during load testing of the 5,000t Liebherr HLC 295000 offshore crane the vessel is now at sea in the Baltic undergoing sea trials. Photographs of the vessel at sea with the re-installed crane in action have appeared in the German press.

According to vessel tracking websites, the vessel tracked as Orion 1, left Rostock on the evening of 27 March and is currently at anchor in the Bay of Lubeck about 4 kms off the seaside resort of Kellenhusen.

The featured title photograph for this article is of the installation of the first boom in February 2020 taken from the HeavyLiftNews.com archives, and was first published on 28 February 2020.

Link to HeavyLiftNews article published on 28 February 2020:

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