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2 Apr 2021

Orbital Marine Power Select Osprey for the Orbital O2 Turbine Load Out

Orbital’s marine technology has the potential to unlock a new source of clean, predictable power for millions of people, homes, and businesses around the world. Moored via anchors in powerful tidal stream or river currents, the tidal turbine’s underwater rotors capture the hugely dense, predictable, renewable energy that flows in the world’s ocean and river currents.

As a team, Osprey’s 25-year marine heritage provides the transferrable skills necessary to deliver an end-to-end project plan incorporating inland water, onshore, and offshore specialist logistics.

The Orbital O2 turbine itself is being assembled in Dundee. A line-configuration of Self-Propelled Modular Transporters (SPMTs) will be used to move the equipment from its construction site to a launch site, where it will be loaded onto a barge. In a world’s first, the barge will then be taken to the float-offsite and submerged to a depth of seven metres, from which point the O2 will be floated off and tugged out into position.

Nigel Fletcher, CEO, Osprey: “The innovation behind our logistics lets us develop new methods of logistics’ deployment, and it enables us to transfer those techniques from one sector to the next. We’ve been working with all kinds of renewables’ clients for 25 years. We’re thrilled to win this contract and be delivering these services to a client that has the same shared ethos and values – validating the benefits for the planet of combined engineering expertise and a commitment to delivering cleaner energy.”

The O2 tidal turbine will be installed in Spring, 2021 at the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney. Images and footage will be available.

Source Osprey

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