OOS Acquires LMO – Heavy Lift News
6 Jul 2020

OOS Acquires LMO

OOS Engineering B.V. has acquired LMO, which will relocate from Hellevoetsluis to Serooskerke, to further develop business initiatives for green markets and new trends.

Leenaars Marine & Offshore Design (LMO) has a portfolio of approx. 600 designs including next generation vessels, offshore platforms and equipment which are creative, innovative and cost-effective solutions for new and existing markets, all based on reducing the environmental footprint and bringing green solutions to the maritime and offshore industry.

Over the last 10 years LMO has been working with the OOS Group on their crane and offshore logistics vessels. In addition to financing, the business development and operational skills within the OOS Group will boost businesses based on LMO’s green designs, now available to the OOS Group.

With the Offshore Wind Market estimated at 15 billion euros, LMO has developed a number of next generation solutions for maintenance, foundations and installation of wind farms. These solutions provide the required cost cuts for the transition from fossil fuel to sustainable green solutions.

High end decommissioning projects in the Oil and Gas sector need innovative and creative solutions in a market estimated over 60 billion euros. The design of next generation heavy lift offshore vessels which can be used for multiple purposes such as maintenance, production and storage will lead to significant cuts in costs.

Another upcoming trend is to consume less meat and to include more fish-based omega 3 in our daily diet. Therefore, seaweed and fish farming, which are strong traditions in Zeeland and can be done in combination of wind farm development further offshore, will provide a perfection solution in this regard.

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