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20 Sep 2018

Once again, Wagenborg invests in new cranes

After various investments in its equipment fleet, Wagenborg Nedlift is now investing in a new DEMAG AC 500-8 and a DEMAG AC 160-5. Both the new 500-tonne crane and 160-tonne crane are expected to be delivered in the first quarter of 2019. Both cranes fully comply with the latest environmental and safety requirements. The new Demag AC 500-8 and the AC 160-5 are a nice addition to the Wagenborg Nedlift crane fleet. 

DEMAG AC 500-8

The new Demag AC 500 has a 56-metre long main boom. The machine can be fitted with an 8.5 to 62.5-metre rigid jib or a 24 to 90-metre luffing jib. The jib is extended with a 3-metre piece allowing more jib configurations than with the standard jib sections. The AC 500 is fitted with IC-1 Plus (variable outrigger pads).

DEMAG AC 160-5

This 5-axle 160-tonne mobile crane is, despite being fitted with the longest main boom in its class (no less than 68 metres), a very compact crane. The crane is delivered with a 33-metre folding jib and 46 tonnes of counterweight. Like the the AC 500, the AC 160 is also fitted with IC-1 Plus.

Source Wagenborg

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