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20 Nov 2018

OHT Looking to the Future

The Alfa Lift has an ”unprecedented cargo carrying capacity with a 3,000 t crane and the ability to submerge offshore.” Photographs – OHT

Date 20 November 2018

When their  48,000 dwt semi-submersible offshore wind farm foundation installation vessel, Alfa Lift is ready for work in Q1 of 2021, OHT will become a fully fledged Transport & Installation (T&I) company.

Today they have started a campaign to recruit the top men to lead their T&I work in the future. These men will be the Project and Construction managers working with the Alfa Lift on the offshore wind projects in the next decade.

The Alfa Lift will have a 3,000t Liebherr crane and the ”…unprecedented cargo carrying capacity … and the ability to submerge offshore,” which will bring several new dimensions to the industry with which these new top men will be working.

Source HLN

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