OffshoreTronic Announce their ADD-ON Support Tower for SUSTAINABLE INSTALLER 1 – Heavy Lift News
23 Oct 2020

OffshoreTronic Announce their ADD-ON Support Tower for SUSTAINABLE INSTALLER 1

OffshoreTronic have announced an ADD-ON Support Tower for their SUSTAINABLE INSTALLER 1, a mono hull installation vessel, particularly suited for the US market with a fast transit speed.

Their vessel, announced in early 2019, includes integrated fast acting Anti-Roll, Anti-Heel and Ballast systems to stabilise the vessel during lifting operations. Each crane has a maximum 2,500t lift and a combined 4,500t lift capacity for wind farm substation topside lifts and decommissioning in the oil and gas sector.

Installation speed is a defining aspect of their project design, consequently the vessel has a large deck area able to accommodate more foundations and transition pieces than other existing vessels.

OffshoreTronic have now included a Support Tower for each of the cranes to speed up the tower / nacelle / blade installation, increasing the capabilities of the vessel.

The support tower aims to transport and install two complete finished 11MW wind turbines in a single trip.

The main function of the ADD-ON Support Tower is to avoid any movements of the crane boom and to support the top and bottom gripper modules. The safety aspects of their new concept design have their highest priority. Therefore, the turbine tower will be resting and secured on a support beam during transport and both top and bottom grippers will have two additional secondary retentions around the turbine tower. This will give extra supports during the transit and installation process of the Turbine.

Source OffshoreTronic