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3 May 2018

Oceanteam picks up contract extension for Southern Ocean CSV

CSV Southern Ocean

3 May 2018

Dutch-Norwegian offshore vessel owner Oceanteam has informed that the contract for the construction support vessel (CSV) Southern Ocean has been extended for one month.

To remind, Oceanteam was awarded a contract in February for the Southern Ocean CSV for work in the Asia Pacific region.

The Southern Ocean started operations in mid-February 2018. The contract was agreed for a firm period of 30 days with options to extend with 60 days.

Oceanteam said on Wednesday that the client was granted additional extension options after the expiry of the firm period. The CSV will continue to be assigned to multiple smaller projects within the APAC region.

The CSV Southern Ocean is a DP2 CSV (dynamic positioning class 2) with large cranes (1 x 250 and 1 x 100 tonnes fully heave compensated), 2400 m2 deck space, and 10.000 tonnes DWT.

These characteristics enable Southern Ocean to be utilized for field support, construction, installation, and IRM. CSV Southern Ocean can carry 7.000 tonnes load on deck, combined with in-house carousel, reel, and engineering capabilities; the vessel can be utilized for a flex lay project in the oil and gas, power and offshore renewables markets. Read More

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