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22 Aug 2022

Obermair’s Route Challenges Mastered by 4-axle Faymonville MultiMAX Low-Loader

In addition to earthworks projects and work platform rental, national and international, challenging heavy transport jobs are part of the core business of the Austrian company Obermair.



When planning the route for Obermair’s transport of a 22m long tank, starting in Thomasroith and ending in Lambach some narrow crossings to be encountered presented such challenges.

“The total vehicle length of 30m made it demanding, because some narrow local crossings had to be mastered in the course of the route,” reports company manager Alexander Obermair about the preparatory work.

However, thanks to the hydraulically steered independent wheel suspension of their 4-axle Faymonville MultiMAX low-loader, these challenges were mastered with flying colours.



The 26t, 3m diameter tank made an imposing sight to observers as the rig traversed the 30km route through northern Austria.

“In general, what we appreciate about Faymonville vehicles is the wide range of different trailers,” says Alexander Obermair, citing the variety of options that cover all the different transport needs at Obermair.

The low-loader transport with the tank reached the destination on time, where the 22m tank was to be scrapped.

Source Faymonville



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