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11 May 2020

Nova Topside Module transported and Installed by Sleipnir

Heerema’s Sleipnir, the world’s most sustainable semi-submersible crane vessel has transported and installed the 740mT Nova topside module on the Gjøa platform in the North Sea.

Sleipnir picked up the module from a barge at Åmøyfjorden outside Stavanger, Norway. From here, Sleipnir safely transported the module to the Neptune Energy  operated Gjøa platform in the North Sea and completed the installation within three hours. The Nova module will be used for the tie-back of the Wintershall Dea operated Nova field, located about 120 kilometers northwest of Bergen, with a water depth of 370 meters. Despite the difficult situation we are experiencing, Heerema completed the installation on time and safely.

The successful and safe installation completes around two years of a close partnership between our client Neptune Energy and their fabricator Rosenberg. Heerema’s Project Manager Roland Jansens noted that ‘there was mutual trust and a drive to find solutions for the challenges we faced.’

This project again highlighted the importance of Heerema’s Simulation Center during project preparations. The Simulation Center demonstrated to Neptune Energy that Heerema could complete the project in line with their expectations. While for Heerema’s offshore team, it provides the opportunity to train for complex lifts and projects. Using our Simulation Center, Heerema’s crew familiarize themselves with upcoming work, both minimizing risk and creating a plan that we replicate at the project location. It is the best example of ‘planning the work and working the plan.’

Source HMC

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