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30 Aug 2021

Nouvelles Carrières d’Alsace select New Liebherr R 945 Generation 8

Nouvelles Carrières d’Alsace was on the lookout for a new Liebherr excavator as a replacement for its former R 944 C excavator. Following a final test phase, Nouvelles Carrières d’Alsace opted for the R 945 G8, which has the same digging power as the R 944 C.

A long-standing partnership has existed between Nouvelles Carrières d’Alsace and Liebherr since 1965. This historical connection, the quality of the customer service and the opportunity to order a customised excavator are key criteria for Nouvelles Carrières d’Alsace when choosing a Liebherr excavator. Production in France in the immediate proximity represents the quality of the machines in the eyes of the company.

The R 945 G8 is in use for eight hours a day. It is operated by a single driver and is used primarily for extracting granite from the quarry. In this process, the blocks are sorted in accordance with their size and loaded into dump trucks, which transport them directly to the customers. The R 945 G8 is characterised by greater flexibility and movement accuracy than the R 944 C, thereby offering more productivity and comfort. The equipment with powerful LED lighting and an extended field of vision ensure additional safety. The R 945 G8 differs from the R 944 C in terms of lower fuel consumption. Nouvelles Carrières d’Alsace has already noticed a significant fuel saving: The R 945 G8 only consumes about half as much as the R 944 C, at 19 litres/hour. The users are able to estimate their future savings themselves with the fuel savings calculator.

The R 945 G8 has been configured in accordance with the specifications of Nouvelles Carrières d’Alsace. It is equipped with a SME boom of 6.15m in length and was supplied with a large, reinforced special bucket that is optimally suited to the requirements of the company. Its 2.60m SME dipper arm makes it easy to load a semi-trailer up to the end of the skip. Nouvelles Carrières d’Alsace uses the LiDat system, allowing it to monitor the consumption of its Liebherr fleet remotely and draw comparisons across its various applications. The company also benefits from its proximity to the Liebherr-France SAS production site in Colmar, especially in terms of service.

Nouvelles Carrières d’Alsace is a French company employing 10 people, which was founded in 1965 and is based in Metzeral in the French département of Haut-Rhin in Alsace. Its field of activity is diverse and includes the quarrying, extraction, crushing and sale of gravel, granite and natural stones. The company collaborates in particular with the Conseil Général du Haut-Rhin in securing river banks in Alsace with rock fillings.


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