New Tadano AC 5.160-1 for the Weiland Kran & Transport GmbH Fleet – Heavy Lift News
29 Feb 2024

New Tadano AC 5.160-1 for the Weiland Kran & Transport GmbH Fleet

“It’s as though the Tadano AC 5.160-1 had been designed for us specifically,” Weiland Managing Directors Volker and Sebastian Degenhardt agree.

And, literally, it was: “We looked at our customer’s requirements and equipped the crane with a special counterweight configuration that allows Weiland to use the five-axle unit as a taxi crane with a counterweight of 8.5t, all while staying under a 12t axle load limit,” explains Frank Brachtendorf, the Tadano Head of Sales for the region of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland who handed over the crane to both managing directors in Zweibrücken.

With this specific counterweight configuration, the crane features a level of cost-effectiveness and versatility that is simply unbeatable for Weiland, as the unit will not only be able to tackle a large number of jobs without the need for expensive additional transportation vehicles, but will also make it significantly easier to get permits.

But that is not the only thing that made the AC 5.160-1 compelling to the crane experts from Lampertheim, with the innovative IC‑1 Plus crane control system being a particularly strong selling point as well: “It makes it extremely easy and intuitive to operate the crane, meaning that we can get any trained operator on the AC 5.160-1 and they’ll be ready to get to work right away. In fact, that’s also part of why this crane is so cost-effective,” Sebastian Degenhardt points out and goes on to put in a good word for Tadano Online Tools, before adding that they work extraordinarily well with the IC-1 Plus and make it extremely easy to plan jobs in advance with simulations.

On top of this, the AC 5.160-1 also comes with the advantages generally found on any Tadano machine, such as the combination of a remarkably compact design and extraordinary lifting capacities. “That will allow us to use the crane as an extremely versatile all-rounder for a wide range of jobs throughout the entire Rhine-Neckar region,” Volker and Sebastian Degenhardt say when describing the way they plan to use their AC 5.160-1.


Featured title photograph

From left to right: Thomas Eisenberg (Crane operator, Weiland), Oliver Noé (Product specialist AT, Tadano), Peter Schuster (Crane operator, Weiland), Wolfgang Brauch (Crane operator, Weiland), Sebastian Degenhardt (Managing Director, Weiland), Volker Degenhardt (Managing Director, Weiland), Frank Brachtendorf (Head of Sales DACH, Tadano)



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