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15 Apr 2021

New Ship Build Elements Moving on Cometto SPMTs

Shipbuilding process is like a puzzle. One by one, the elements come together to form the finished ship.

A major section is the deckhouse and for the project in South Korea, this huge piece is moved on Cometto SPMTs between the different steps of the manufacturing process.

The location of the transport is the “DaeBul Industrial Complex” in Yeongam located in the South Jeolla Province where 36 axle lines have been assembled to pick up the load.

The combination is composed of 18 axle lines of Cometto MSPE EVO2 and one Power Pack Unit belonging to Cometto customer DaeMyung Crane, the other 18 units plus PPU coming from Mokpo Newport Terminal.

The DaeHan Shipbuilding subcontracted the ship deckhouse to Yuil company and DaeMyung Crane realises the transport mission of the deckhouse for Yuil. When the deckhouse was finished at Yuil’s factory, DaeMyung moved it about 100m for paint work using the 36 axles of Cometto MSPE EVO2 and two Power Pack Units. After this step, DaeMyung transports the completed deckhouse over the distance of about two kilometers to ship it at the port of Mokpo in DaeBul Industrial Complex.

The deck house dimensions are:

  • Length 40m
  • Height 25m
  • Width 24m
  • Weight 750t


Source Cometto


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