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16 Oct 2019

New Scheuerle Low-bed Semitrailer to Debut at Solutrans

The Transporter Industry International Group (TII Group) subsidiary, SCHEUERLE, will be presenting at Solutrans  in Lyon from 19th to 23rd November. Taking centre stage (Stand 4 K 145) is the unveiling of the new two-axle low-bed semi-trailer of the EuroCompact series. With this vehicle along with a three-axle version, SCHEUERLE has successfully rounded off its product range at the bottom end. The new models not only offer outstanding payload capacity in this particular segment but also ease of operation and low operating costs.

The new EuroCompact low-bed semi-trailer from SCHEUERLE is available with two or three-axle rear bogie unit.


With this completely new low-bed semi-trailer of the EuroCompact series, SCHEUERLE, a TII Group company belonging to the Otto Rettenmaier entrepreneurial family, has opened up a new product segment as well as being able to round off its range of vehicles for on-road use. The new two and three-axle low-bed trailers have been tailored precisely to suit the demanding requirements of the companies´ customers in the freight forwarding, construction, agricultural and forestry sectors. In the payload classes up to approx. 30 tonnes (two-axle) and 50 tonnes (three-axle), simple and time-saving handling as well as high payload and low operating costs are among the key requests of the fleet operators. The two new EuroCompact models fully meet these requirements.

The low-bed semi-trailer is available with a two or three-axle rear bogie unit complete with pendulum axles, and the basic versions – and also depending on the fifth wheel load of the tractor – can accommodate payloads of up to 36,000 and 47,000 kilograms respectively (at 80 km/h and axle loads of 12,000 kilograms). Depending on the version, the dead weight of this semi-trailer combination is around 13,000 (two-axle) or under 16,000 kilograms (three-axle). Thus, the dead weight is below that of comparable solutions. In both cases, SCHEUERLE has set new standards in the segment and offers its customers outstanding vehicle load capacities.

Source TII

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