New LTM 1120-4.1 delivered to Servet Coşkun Vinç in Istanbul – Heavy Lift News
8 Aug 2023

New LTM 1120-4.1 delivered to Servet Coşkun Vinç in Istanbul

Turkish crane rental company Servet Coşkun Vinç has taken delivery of a new Liebherr mobile crane, the LTM 1120-4.1. The new 120 tonner adds a 4-axle crane to the company’s fleet alongside its existing cranes in the 100t and 200t tclass. The LTM 1120-4.1’s lifting capacity of 9t on the 66m telescopic boom makes it ideal for erecting tower cranes and for industrial use.

Sedat Coşkun, owner of Servet Coşkun Vinç, explains: “We spent a long time looking for a mobile crane with four axles and finally decided on the 120t Liebherr unit since it is not only the most powerful crane in its class, but also has the longest boom. Apart from the high quality of their products, we have had very good experiences with Liebherr in Turkey for many years and are extremely satisfied with their level of service.” The crane is equipped with proven technology and the VarioBase® support technology enables even higher lifting capacities, especially over the sliding beams. The “Hillstart-Aid” enables easy starting without rolling backwards on inclines.

The ECOdrive and ECOmode features offer further advantages during crane operation: ECOdrive makes the mobile crane significantly more comfortable and quieter by reducing the engine speed. Faster gearshifting delivers greater dynamic and traction offroad. On the road, the torque from the Liebherr diesel engine is used efficiently to minimise fuel consumption. ECOmode minimises both fuel consumption and noise emissions when operating the crane superstructure. The crane driver sets the required operating speed using the control lever and the LICCON crane control calculates the perfect engine rpm for the diesel engine.

In future, the new LTM 1120-4.1 will be used, among other things, for the assembly of tower cranes, in steel construction, in refineries and for indoor operations. “The enormous lifting capacity on the long boom, the strong rope pull and the small support base of the LTM 1120-4.1 are advantages here. In addition, the crane’s compact dimensions are ideal for narrow working areas and, thanks to the good turning radii, narrow roads are also no problem,” says Coşkun, visibly delighted with his company’s new acquisition.

Servet Coşkun Vinç has been operating as a rental company for industrial machinery for around 40 years and employs 55 people. As an all-round provider, Servet Coşkun Vinç primarily rents out its equipment for industrial projects. The Istanbul-based company’s extensive rental fleet includes cranes, work platforms and forklifts. The company’s crane portfolio includes a total of 25 cranes of various types. Of the five all-terrain cranes, three are from Liebherr. An LTM 1450-8.1 and an LTM 1230-5.1 will also join the fleet in early 2024.

Featured Title photograph

At the crane handover in Ehingen (from left to right): Michael Heckenberger (Liebherr-Werk Ehingen GmbH), Sedat and Gülsah Coşkun, (Servet Coşkun Vinç), Ceyhun Hazneci (Liebherr Makine Ticaret Servis Limited Sirketi).

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