New Kegworth Bypass Bridge successfully installed – Heavy Lift News
21 May 2018

New Kegworth Bypass Bridge successfully installed

21 May 2018

Osprey were involved at 3 points of the project; Offload from transport and set down in assembly position; de-propping to remove the central supports; final installation over the M1 motorway.

Planning began in early 2017 to find a suitable operation to install the complete 1200te 50m long, 17m wide deck, with minimal ground works and during a weekend closure of one of the UK’s busiest motorways, all within the confines of the nearby airport.

A unique solution was developed utilising 3x separate sets of trailers and bespoke packing to accommodate the 1:40 fall along the motorway.

The initial set of SPMT units were arranged in 4x 2-file 14 axle configuration positioned centrally under the deck. During the weekend closure the deck was propelled out over the abutment into cantilever.


The second stage of the operation involved 2x. sets of trailers. 36axles in 6 file configuration and at 90degrees, were built up on the motorway during the closure. Further stillaging was also built on the bed of the trailers to reach the required height.

Additional tail units were designed into the bridge to allow a secondary set of 24 axles to carry the east end of the deck and land it to the bearing plates. 

The installation was completed throughout the weekend possession, allowing the motorway to open 6 hours ahead of schedule, once all safety checks were complete and the safety barrier was reinstated.

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