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20 Apr 2023

New Heavy Lift Cable Drum Transport System Developed by Goldhofer

The energy transition is an ambitious project for many national economies. Big-ger, more powerful, more efficient is the motto!

To take the power over long distances from the new sustainable energy sources over the new electricity highways 150mm diameter cables are being delivered in lengths up to 2km on huge cable drums.

Up to now 1km cable drums used for this purpose have been three to five meters long and over four meters in diameter and weigh between 30t and 50t. For new projects such as the German South Link and South-East Link, cable drums with a length of approximately  8m to 12m and weighing up to 100t need to be transported.


Lifting and loading onto the plateau combination


In cooperation with Energieanlagen Ramonat GmbH, Goldhofer has therefore developed a broad portfolio of solutions for transporting cable drums of different weights and sizes. “We have collaborated with Ramonat, who have so much experience of the market, to develop a system that not only consistently meets the needs of our customers with regard to transportation but also takes into account the special challenges of the unreeling process,” says Steinhauser. This makes it possible to act as sole provider on the market for all projects, with an enormous increase in efficiency.


4+6 Heavy-duty combination in use with the new cable drum vessel bridge


The cable drum is transported on a special vessel deck in a Goldhofer heavy-duty (4+6) or (5+7) module combination.

The solution developed has two particular advantages. First, that they are easily mounted hydraulic support legs allow the bridge to be raised to loading area height under full load so that the module combination can be moved under it. This significantly reduces overall length for the last mile for in-creased maneuverability on all types of construction sites, especially in combination with self-propelled modules.


10 axle combination in operation


Secondly, the system includes integrated unreeling equipment with synchronized drive for jerk-free operation at the destination.

“The new Goldhofer cable drum bridges give us everything we need. They are lighter and shorter than previous comparable solutions, offer easy handling, high maneuver-ability and cable unreeling – all in one,” says Stefan Ramonat, Managing Director of Energieanlagen Ramonat GmbH. “The cross-section of the bridge has been optimized to allow the cable drum to hug the ground for the lowest possible overall traveling height, corresponding to flange diameter. 100t drums can be transported on a (4+6) combination without exceeding the maximum axle load of 12t.”


For the last mile, the cable drum in the vessel bridge can also be loaded on the plateau


The vessel bridge can be lifted hydraulically under full load


Featured Title photograph

4+6 Heavy-duty combination in use with the new cable drum vessel bridge

Source Goldhofer Transport Technology

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