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3 Jun 2024

New Dutch North Sea Gas Production Project gets Green Light

On 29 May ONE-Dyas B.V., the largest privately owned exploration and production operating company in the Netherlands, has received the green light from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate to go ahead with the N05-A gas production project.

The N05-A project development will include an unmanned production platform installed at the site. The platform will be around 50m above the water surface, comparable to the height of passing ships.

Chris de Ruyter van Steveninck, CEO at ONE-Dyas B.V., said, “The publication of the amended decision is the go-ahead for ONE-Dyas to immediately start offshore work to ensure that the first natural gas is available in December 2024.”


Topside Rollout in Schiedam


Dutch contractor HSM Offshore Energy B.V. announced the roll out of the N05-A platform topside in mid April, days after the upper part of the platform jacket had been successfully lifted on to the lower part at their Schiedam yard.


Visualisation platform N05-A and connection to Riffgat wind farm (Courtesy of ONE-Dyas)


The platform will the first Dutch gas platform in the North Sea to run directly on offshore wind energy by connecting to the nearby Riffgat wind farm, resulting in near-zero emissions. N05-A is also suitable for future development of green hydrogen and for CCS.


Hollandia’s facility in the Stormpolder, Krimpen aan den IJssel


HSM Offshore Energy B.V. also announced 2 weeks ago that they have entered into a long-term lease agreement with Hollandia, for the use of their 30,000m² yard in the Stormpolder, Krimpen aan den IJssel, which includes a recently built platform assembly hall. The agreement will double their fabrication capacity.

Featured Title photograph

The N05-A platform topside roll out in mid April

All photographs courtesy of HSM Offshore Energy B.V.


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