New Driver and Crane Cabin on the all-new Liebherr LTM 1100-5.3 – Heavy Lift News
24 Oct 2022

New Driver and Crane Cabin on the all-new Liebherr LTM 1100-5.3

In the All-Terrain Cranes section of the Liebherr stand at bauma, two mobile cranes visibly stand out. They both feature a new driver’s cabin and crane cab, new paintwork and the LICCON3 control system – the previously unveiled LTM 1110-5.2 and the all-new LTM 1100-5.3.

When designing the LTM 1100-5.3, Liebherr focused above all on lightweight construction to allow as much ballast as possible to be carried with a 12t axle load; and to achieve the lowest possible axle loads by reducing ballast. In addition, the new crane was designed with a long, strong telescopic boom in mind.

Even in countries where mobile cranes with a 12t axle load are permitted on the roads, crane operators have been demanding cranes which can be driven with low axle loads and total weights by simply removing the ballast. These models deliver major benefits when it comes to obtaining licences and route permits. In addition, day-to-day circumstances often require reduced weights, such as when driving over bridges and in inner cities.

The new LTM 1100-5.3 has a narrow width of 2.55m, an additional advantage when driving on roads and construction sites. It is the first 5-axle mobile crane worldwide based on this narrow design.

At 62m, the telescopic boom is 2m longer than the next most powerful Liebherr 5-axle machine, the LTM 1110-5.2. In addition, a 9.5m to 16m folding jib is available which, as an option, can also be adjusted hydraulically between 0° and 40°. This enables the LTM 1100-5.3 to achieve hoisting heights of up to 76m and radii of up to 64m. Other options include a 2m assembly jib and a side-folding rooster sheave, which offer additional flexibility in use.

The new 100t crane offers extra safety, flexibility and lifting capacity thanks to the VarioBase ® variable outrigger. Greater flexibility on the construction site is also provided by the standard VarioBallast®, which allows the ballast radius to be adjusted between 4.0m and 5.1m.

As a result of the high synergy effects involved, Liebherr is launching the new driver’s cabin at the same time as the LICCON3 control system. The modern design features premium materials and timeless lines as well as delivering a whole host of improvements for the crane driver. These include the new multifunction steering wheel, side roller blind on the driver’s door, improved instruments and modules as well as new displays. Additional convenience is offered by options such as a central locking system with remote key and the “Coming and Leaving Home” function.

A completely new, modern automatic heating and air-conditioning system in the driver’s cabin and in the crane cab, which features an adapted design, ensures a high level of comfort. A sun sensor detects strong sunshine and automatically adjusts the heating settings.

The lighting packages for the crane cab, the superstructure, the rear of the vehicle, the front headlights and the telescopic boom as well as the lattice fly jib have been optimised and can be operated with LEDs. The benefits of LED technology include a longer service life and superior lighting performance.

The innovative DynamicPerform coupling module is installed in the new LTM 1100-5.3. It ensures virtually wear-free starting and manoeuvring without overheating for the modular ZF TraXon gear unit, because it transmits the engine output via an oil-cooled clutch plate pack. The friction heat generated when starting is dissipated in the clutch oil and supplied to the vehicle’s cooling system via an oil/water heat exchanger. Crane operators thus benefit from greater efficiency and lower maintenance costs.

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