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16 Jun 2022

New Depot for Sarens in Cape Town

Sarens is proud to announce the opening of its new depot in Cape Town, South Africa. For many years, Sarens Siba has been focused on crane hire and supplying crane-related services in South Africa. As one of the world’s largest heavy lift service providers in the world, and with its extensive local and global resources, it was already well-positioned to open this strategically important new depot location.



Sarens Siba is one of the few global heavy-lift service providers in the South African market with a BBBEE level 2, and prides itself on providing reliable and trustworthy service to clients. The new depot will be serving the Western Cape region, including Cape Town and Saldana, as well as the wider province. The automotive industry in the Eastern Cape also holds potential for future business.

The Cape Town depot is located at 19 Burg Road, Stikland, Triangle Farm, Belleville, Cape Town. The 1.260-square meter outdoor yard is home to a variety of equipment, including:

  • 4-5 horses/trucks
  • 14 axle lines SPMTs with 2x power packs
  • 9-axle Scheuerle modular trailer
  • 2-3 standard tri-axles
  • Extendable low bed
  • 6-axle extendable trailer
  • Rigging containers (including slings, shackles, lifting gear, tackle, etc.)
  • Tools container
  • Office container
  • Jack and skidding system
  • Load cells for weighing
  • Gantry sections

Any additional equipment can be made available upon request, thanks to Sarens’ extensive global fleet.

Cape Town is a prime location for this depot due to the presence of large vessel builders, manufacturing companies, a nuclear power station, dry docks for servicing vessels, and an oil refinery in the region. There are also opportunities in renewables and special projects across the Cape Town area, including servicing turbine manufacturers, developers, and the country’s only functional tower factory. One intent in opening the new depot was to make use of local, underutilised equipment in combination with Sarens’ extended services and capabilities.

Sarens is pleased to offer a variety of equipment and services to clients, as well as greater flexibility and availability within the region. Sarens Siba looks forward to partnering with clients on low/local mobilisation/demobilisation projects, especially as many other heavy-lift service providers would need to mobilise specialised equipment from other provinces across the country.

Sarens Siba aims to serve customers in the local renewables industry, along with more complex special projects of a longer duration. These may include nuclear power station shut-down work; exchanges of stators, jacking and skidding of vessels and transformers; new vessel builds including jacking, transport, and launch; component exchanges on current vessels, like engine replacement during in-port operations; a variety of transport and lifting requirements; and oil refinery shutdown work.


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