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20 Feb 2019

New Demag AC 45 City crane for Canisius

The concept of the new Demag® AC 45 City crane convinced Canisius managing director Christian Canisius as well as Canisius Senior, Clemens right from the start. “We were already using the predecessor AC 40 City, which worked extremely reliable for around 17 years and therefore more than paid for itself as a very good investment,” father and son agree.

Therefore, there was no question that they would order the further improved successor, which they personally picked up in Zweibrücken together with their crane operator Johann Friesen. The new Demag AC 45 City was handed over by Terex Cranes Sales Manager, Helge Prüfer.

In addition to the reliability of its predecessor, the Canisius management expects their new crane to deliver a further increase in performance, which the AC 45 City also offers with its higher lifting capacities. Canisius will use the new crane primarily in buildings, for example to assemble indoor cranes or to move machines, but of course also on outdoor construction sites. “In our opinion, the AC 45 City is the most compact 3-axle vehicle on the market for indoor use. Thanks to the IC-1 Plus control system ordered with the machine, it is the ideal tool for maximum lifting capacities even in very confined spaces, thanks to its infinitely variable outrigger positioning. That was a very important selling point for us,” explains Clemens Canisius. And his son Christian adds: “But also smooth and precise telescoping under load with the hydraulic boom is a feature that makes the AC 45 City our first choice.”

Photo: Left to right: Helge Prüfer (Terex Cranes), Christian Canisius, Johann Friesen and Clemens Canisius (Canisius).

Source Terex

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