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20 Jun 2018

New 273 tonne Link Belt crawler

20 June, 2018

Link-Belt has announced an all new 273 tonne/300 ton 348 Series 2 lattice crawler crane. 

The new crane offers a maximum main boom of up to 108.2 metres, with its long range boom option, and maximum jib of 73 metres with a maximum combination in Long Range mode of 132.6 metres made up of an 89.9 metre boom plus 42.7 metres of jib. A heavy duty boom option has a maximum length of 91.4 metres, with a maximum heavy duty boom and jib combination of 115.8 metres made up of 73.1 metre boom plus 42.7 metre jib.

The full 73.1 metre luffing jib can be mounted on booms of up to 54.8 metres for a 127.7 metre tip height. Counterweights include up to 103 tonnes of superstructure ballast, plus 34 tonnes of carbody counterweight, split between fronts and rear of the chassis. 

The Link-Belt 348 Series 2 offers a maximum main boom of 108.2 metres

The crane has two track widths, with centrelines of 5.84 metres retracted or 6.71 metres extended, both of which are available for lifting duties. 

Power comes from a Cummins Tier 4 Final diesel, with a Tier III option. Automatic engine shutdown after extended periods of inactivity is standard, while a Series II ECO winch system, requires lower engine speeds resulting in greater fuel economy and lower emissions. The system provides maximum line speed with lighter loads at engine speeds of under 1,000 RPM. 

Dual slew motors include Link-Belt free slew feature, while the operator can also dial slew speeds up or down via a rotary switch. Matching main and auxiliary hoists can be specified with Link-Belt’s optional ‘wet clutch’ free fall feature.

The operator’s cab includes a large LED display monitor, adjustable armchair-mounted controls and a six way adjustable seat. A full telematics system is fitted, to provide remote monitoring of data and troubleshooting. 

A new luffing jib has been designed for fast easy assembly, with semi-bore weldments for pin locations, ‘Point of use’ storage for all components, such as boom pins and stop cams for quick pin alignment. A new luffing jib transport package with lifting lugs speeds up assembly and comes assembled with nylon rope reeving to assist with initial wire rope reeving. All assembly is done from the ground with no work at height required. The 348 Series 2 has a live mast cylinder for self-assembly and lattice extensions can be mixed and matched with existing boom of 348 H5 models. 

For transport the superstructure and carbody comprise the main base load, with tracks, counterweight, and boom sections making up the others. The crane is fully self erecting with built in jacking systems, live gantry mast for lifting and superstructure counterweight jacks that can manage the full ballast. Shipments of the new crane are due to begin during the fourth quarter, following completion of final testing.

SOURCE: Vertikal

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