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5 May 2023

Nedlift Moves Bridge to New Location in Berlin – Video

The bridge team from Wagenborg Nedlift carried out a special operation near Berlin, moving the Fahlenbergbrücke was moved 100m using a sophisticated jacking and sailing operation.

The Fahlenbergbrücke, which weighs over 600t and is 40t long, spans the Oder-Spree Canal and connects the town of Gosen with the district of Berlin-Müggelheim. The old bridge will be replaced by a new one. During this new construction, the old bridge will serve as a temporary bridge on the diversion route.

The Wagenborg Nedlift team used a combination of techniques for the relocation operation. First of all, a set of coupling pontoons with support beams on top. This created a stable surface for the Enerpac jacking system that had to lift the bridge from the abutments.



This jacking system was only recently taken into use by Wagenborg Nedlift. The Fahlenbergbrücke project is therefore one of the first projects for this latest addition to auger technology.

The new jacking system  is equipped with the latest technology in the field of jacking technology and is computer controlled. A perfect system for jacking up a bridge such as the Fahlenbergbrücke. To release the bridge from the abutments in a controlled and safe manner, the client positioned extra jacks on both sides of the abutments.



Around noon the time had come, and the large number of the public present was treated to a beautiful piece of craftsmanship by the bridge team as the bridge was lifted silently off the abutments with the jacking system.

After the bridge was completely freed and secured, the pontoons slowly moved towards the diversion route, 100m away with precision steering of the tugboat skippers!



The next day, the entire jacking operation took place in reverse order and the bridge was placed on the temporary bridgeheads of the diversion route… with as much calmness and care as it had started the day before.



Source Nedlift

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