MV Zea Gold Acquired by Spliethoff – Heavy Lift News
17 Apr 2020

MV Zea Gold Acquired by Spliethoff

The Spliethoff Group has acquired the ZEA GOLD from Zea Marine. Zea Marine were officially declared insolvant in mid February this year and were put under court supervision while the restructuring, this meant that the company was officially insolvent. Spliethoff have reflagged under the Dutch register and named the vessel Palmgracht.

The vessel is a a P2-1400 type andbecomes the 5th vessel of Spliethoff’s P14-type class working in close cooperation with Spliethoff’s BigLift Shipping. (HNL Link)

For heavy lift operations the Palmgracht has a combined crane capacity of 1,400 mt.

M.V. Palmgracht is currently in Rotterdam to undergo maintenance and will depart for her next project in May.

Featured Title photograph

MV Poolgracht from the same P14-type class as the Palmgracht

Source Spliethoff


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