Mumbai Maersk Refloated off Bremerhaven – Heavy Lift News
4 Feb 2022

Mumbai Maersk Refloated off Bremerhaven

Maersk have reported that last night’s refloating efforts of the Mumbai Maersk have proved successful and  the vessel is now safely afloat and under master control from February 4 at 01.30.

Maersk reported, “The company can confirm that on 2 February at around 23:00 CET, Mumbai Maersk was grounded outside Bremerhaven, Germany. All crew are safe, there is no pollution and no sign of hull breach. The vessel is on ground on a shallow patch and as such the entrance to the port is not obstructed and port operations is running as normal. Sailing from Asia, the vessel had its last stop in the port of Rotterdam before grounding outside of Bremerhaven. The vessel was on its way to discharge and consequently the cargo meant for Bremerhaven is still onboard, along with cargo destined for the Scandinavian countries.”

A first attempt to free the vessel had been attempted unsuccessfully. Extra tugs were  deployed and the new attempt was started at the in coming high tide around midnight on 3 February.

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