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23 Sep 2022

Multimodal Transport of a 730t Load by Total Movements

Total Movements, a member of The Heavy Lift Group (THLG) moved the heavy lift cargo with a width of 8m and weighing 730t from the supplier’s plant to the load port in India.


The road transport from the supplier’s works to the nearest jetty, where it was loaded on to a barge for transportation to the nearest seaport on the West coast and transferring from alongside the vessel were all part of Total Movements’s scope.



The nominated jetty was a tidal jetty, meaning that the barging operation had to be accomplished in a particular time slot, which posed a significant challenge.



The cargo was successfully rolled on to the barge, lashed and secured as per their planned method statement.



Once loaded on the barge the cargo was safely moved to the loading port where it was loaded from alongside on to the seagoing vessel.



Total Movements engineering/execution team made site visits and detailed discussions with multiple stakeholders to execute this movement in a flawless manner.


SourceĀ  The Heavy Lift Group and Total Movements – Moving Cargo with Passion!



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