Multi-Point: - The Flagship All-in-One Beam from Modulift - Video – Heavy Lift News
17 Apr 2023

Multi-Point: – The Flagship All-in-One Beam from Modulift – Video

Modulft’s Multi-Point – a strong, versatile lifting system designed to save rigging time and maximise use across multiple lifting applications. Expertly designed and engineered for use as a semi-spreader or a lifting beam and also ideal for tandem lift operations. Multi-Point gives you the power to lift across multiple points at varied spans, with unrivalled strength and reliability.

Designed using the latest 3D Linear Analysis, and manufactured to BSEN 13155, the Multi-Point gives peace of mind with safety and practicality at the forefront of its design. Engineered for any lift, anywhere in the world, multiple connection points on the top and bottom provide ultimate flexibility for the beam to adapt to any situation – whether lifting a boat, reel, tank, turbine, or anything else in between.

The MultiPoint Beam with Fork Pockets

Featuring an adaptable and versatile modular design, the Multi-Point is ultra-portable, robust and can be reused for hundreds of lifts. With easily detachable components, the beam lifts at spans from 3 to 12m, with a lifting capacity from 12t right up to a jaw-dropping 600t. Simply unbolt the sections to lengthen or shorten the Multi-Point and change the rigging set-up.

The Multi-Point Beam used as a semi-spreader

The Multi-Point Beam with optional Swivel Hook


Featuring an optional 360-degree swivel hook and extended support stands, the Multi-Point is a perfect option for tandem lifts with two cranes when there is only one lower lifting point required and rotation of the load is critical. The Multi-Point Beam can also be used as a semi-spreader to give a more balanced lift, or as a lifting beam when headroom is restricted.


Multi-Point Beam used for a tandem lift

Customised versions of the Multi-Point Beam and rigging guidance is available.

Multi-Point Beam used as a lifting beam for low headroom applications




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