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3 Dec 2018

More ALE RSTs on the road for both external clients and internally

The Route Survey Tool can be attached to any car, enabling ALE to move the units around the globe. Photographs – ALE

Date 3 December 2018

Following a rise in demand for route survey services both internally and externally for clients, ALE has increased its number of Route Survey Tools and manufactured a further seven units.

An integral aspect of heavy transportation projects, route surveys have been made easier, quicker and safer by the Route Survey Tool, which has in turn fuelled interest across the ALE Group..

The equipment has now been rolled out across ALE branches in the Middle East, Australia, Indonesia and South Africa. In Europe, Spain, the Netherlands and the UK all have access to the tool’s innovative capabilities.

The revolutionary surveying tool was launched in November 2017 and automatically logs accurate route data, like height and width limitations, road inclines and cambers on digital maps. It measures critical sections of a route as well as generating photos and video footage for more in-depth analysis and processing of the route survey report. The consistent and precise system means drivers don’t need to manually enter information or step outside of the vehicle, making it a much more accurate and safer alternative for the heavylifting industry.

ALE has also enhanced the original system by providing it with engineering upgrades. These have included a protective casing for the camera as well as technological enhancements to make the tool more efficient for processing the route survey report.

Now an award-winning piece of equipment, the Route Survey Tool was recognised as the best Safety Innovation of the year at the ESTAs and Innovation of the Year at the Heavies awards.

Source ALE

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