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6 Mar 2019

MONPE Ventures moves huge suction pile

To move a huge suction pile, Ghanaian customer MONPE Ventures put together its orange ModulMAX axle lines from Faymonville. The project included two major challenges: the weight and the dimensions of the impressive load.

“When I first got the request to move the suction pile in a vertical position, I was skeptical to say the least. I had seen this been done before but much smaller”, declared Peter Everett from MONPE Ventures about the challenge.

The suction pile was 8m in diameter, 16m high and weighed 125t. To build the ideal transport configuration, the 16 modular axle lines from Faymonville were assembled side-by-side in a 4-file configuration. A solution that Peter Everett defined together with Faymonville.

“Their engineers came up with this solution. At first, the tipping limits were barely acceptable, so we added 44t counterweights, which reduced the height of the center of gravity a lot and thereby extremely improved these values.”

The piece was fabricated by Belmet 7 inside Takoradi Port. MONPE Ventures transported it from their yard to the quayside at a distance of 3km. Peter Everett: “There are chambers and ruts on the road, but it was extremely stable.

The client was so impressed that a local company had the equipment and support from the manufacturer to do such a job.”

At the quayside, it was loaded on a vessel to be dropped on the sea bed to be used as an anchor for the FPSO (oil platform) in the Ghana oil and gas fields.

Training before handling
Before handling the complicated project, the complete team from MONPE Ventures underwent detailed practical training by Faymonville instructor Jef. Owner Peter Everett is a loyal and satisfied Faymonville customer with a high opinion about the well-known manufacturer.

“We appreciate the trustful relationship and after-sales service, combined with the premium product quality. I thank Faymonville for their support which is far more than just selling you a trailer but real support from engineers, trainers and knowledge that comes with being in the Faymonville family.”

Source Faymonville

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