Monadelphous link with Fagioli in Alevro Joint Venture Heavy Haul and Lift Services for Bechtel on Pluto Train 2 – Heavy Lift News
23 Mar 2023

Monadelphous link with Fagioli in Alevro Joint Venture Heavy Haul and Lift Services for Bechtel on Pluto Train 2

Alevro, a joint venture between leading Australian engineering services provider, Monadelphous, and Italian heavy lift and transport company, Fagioli, has secured a contract with Bechtel to deliver heavy haul and heavy lift services at the Pluto Train 2 Project in Karratha, Western Australia.


Aerial view of Pluto Train 2 Photograph courtesy of Bechtel


Pluto Train 2 includes the expansion of the existing Pluto LNG facility, enabling gas to be processed from the Scarborough gas fields through a second processing train, as well as plant modifications and additional domestic gas infrastructure.

The infrastructure for the Project includes some of the largest modules to arrive on Australian shores, weighing up to approximately 4,500t, which Alevro are responsible for receiving, transporting and lifting to support project construction.

The combined construction expertise of Monadelphous with Fagioli’s global heavy lifting and shift capability position the Alevro joint venture uniquely to deliver superior outcomes for the Pluto Train 2 Project.

“A project of this magnitude requires unique capability, and Alevro has been called upon to deliver just that. Our approach reimagines the way construction is undertaken and integrated with heavy lifting, incorporating global methodologies for the delivery of Pluto Train 2,” said Alevro Executive Committee member, Cristiano Cavallini.

Alevro will deliver the heavy haul program, including all associated engineering, receival of modules from ships and barges at port, alternative transport solutions utilising more than 150 axle lines of self-propelled modular trailers (SPMT) and alternative lifting techniques to support the installation of modules utilising a bespoke tower system and jacking system, not typically used for such projects in Australia. Early engineering has commenced, with the scope of work expected to be completed towards the end of 2024.

“We look forward to working with the Alevro team to safely deliver the Pluto Train 2 heavy haul program. Alevro’s approach to safety and quality closely align with our vison, values and commitments, which made the decision to partner with Alevro on this critical scope of work a simple one,” said Terry Klowss, Bechtel’s site manager.


Image of proposed tower system setup to execute major lifts for the Pluto Train 2 project.


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Night view shot of Pluto Train 2Photograph courtesy of Bechtel

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