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11 Apr 2022

MJ Van Riel’s Cranes Set Up Half in a Lake – Video

M.J. van Riel recently placed a lifeguard lookout in the middle of the Zilvermeer in Mol, Belgium for their customer. To achieve this, they set up their Demag AC-700 and LTM 1450-8.1 mobile telescopic cranes half in the water. A nice job, where not everyone stayed on dry land.



In order to place the lookout in the middle of the lake, dragline bulkheads were first placed in the water. The outriggers of the two cranes were set up on this. In this way, both cranes could be built up half way in the water.




The 450t crane first placed the four foundation piles in the ground, after which the 700t crane placed a 19t concrete slab in place with the necessary precision. After that, the construction parts of the observation post could be placed.In addition to the lifting work, MJ van Riel also provided the engineering and the subsurface improvement, so that the customer was completely unburdened throughout the entire process.



Source M.J. van Riel

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