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25 Apr 2018

Missing FWN Rapide Crew Member Found Safe on Ship in Nigeria

MV FWN Rapide. File Photo: MarineTraffic.com /

April 24, 2018 by Mike Schuler

One of twelve crew members thought to be kidnapped by pirates off the coast Nigeria has been found safe aboard the vessel, ship manager ForestWave said Tuesday. 

The crew member was located late Monday night during a search of the vessel in Nigerian waters.

The Dutch cargo ship FWN Rapide was attacked by pirates on Saturday as the vessel was nearing port of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. ForestWave reported previously that 12 of 14 crew members on board the vessel had been kidnapped.

The two remaining crew members sailed the vessel to a safe location. 

“The valued seafarer who has been hiding on board of the vessel following an attack by pirates on Saturday April 20 is unharmed and in a healthy and good condition,” the company said.

ForestWave also confirmed that no contact has been established yet with the eleven crew members that are still missing. “Their safety and swift return remains the company’s main priority,” the statement said.

The general cargo ship FWN Rapide was built in 2005 and is flying the Dutch flag.

The vessel was sailing from Takoradi, Ghana to Port Harourt, Nigeria when the attack occurred. SOURCE: gCaptain

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