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27 May 2021

Miller Transfer Moves 8m Wide Lifting Ring for High Voltage Power Cable Production

Thorough planning is a critical component of specialized shipping and it is an area of expertise that Miller Transfer excels at doing. A prime example is a recent shipment of a 25-foot-wide (7.62m) lifting ring weighing more than 60,000 pounds (27.2t) that will be used in the production of high voltage power cables. The lifting ring is the centerpiece of a production apparatus that will consist of nearly 60 individual pieces.

Miller Transfer’s project management team worked for more than two months to coordinate the shipment. Piecing together the project required direct contact with South Carolina’s Department of Transportation (SCDOT) to ensure a safe and suitable route to accommodate the extra wide load. The internal team had much to consider including the loading and unloading processes, what equipment to use, and coordination personnel.

The first step in the shipment was offloading the lifting ring from a cargo ship at the Columbus Street Terminal in Charleston, South Carolina. Miller Transfer worked directly with the freight forwarder to coordinate the offloading process and port personnel to confirm docking schedules and available access to the port yard.

Considering the width of the load, the proper equipment was selected to ensure that the load remained balanced and secure while being transported over the 25-mile (40km) journey from the port to the Nexans Plant in Goose Creek, South Carolina.

In collaboration with the SCDOT and local safety forces, the shipment made its way to the final destination just as planned.

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