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28 May 2018

Mega deck chancers

Hardly the safest way to work at height

25. May 2018

Spotted earlier this week just off Sandy Row, in Belfast, Northern Ireland two men working at a height of seven or eight metres with three long ladders and bridge deck.

While it might not look like it, the men are in fact working on the front of the house, with easy access from the street, so all manner of access equipment could have been used. Ladders and a platform are of course relatively cheap and easy to procure, but then so are aluminium towers. Depending on how long the work was going to take, a trailer or truck mounted lift would have been ideal, operating from the street in front. 

As it is the deck seems to be out of level, causing lateral forces on the ladders, while the guardrail has only limited protection, with none at each end where the ladders are. And getting that long deck into place from the ladders must have been a sight to behold. 

A closer look

These two were lucky not to have suffered an injury, either while setting up or during use. One hopes the job is now complete and they were unhurt.

Definitely one for our Death Wish series. 

Have a safe weekend.

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The buildings from street level

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