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27 Nov 2022

Meet Tillen at Offshore Energy 2022 in Amsterdam this week

TILLEN bv celebrates 15 years of customised engineering solutions for the maritime and offshore sector.

Dutch company TILLEN is celebrating its 15-year anniversary this year. With its hands-on approach, personal touch and customised solutions, this engineering company has built an impressive track record in the maritime and offshore sector and beyond. Meanwhile, the company continues to innovate and recently launched T-trove – an online database for items that require regular maintenance and inspections.

Based in De Meern, in the province of Utrecht, the company is a specialist in mechanical and structural engineering. Besides providing customised solutions for handling heavy and unwieldly loads, TILLEN also specialises in the design and supply of specialised equipment, support structures and handling equipment for various markets. The activities range from concept design, consultancy, and verification for third parties, to full project realisation, the so-called ‘Sketch to Site’ approach. For the latter, TILLEN works with several trusted partners.


The Hub Rotating Tool is used for the installation of the wind turbine’s hub. After the installation, the Hub Rotating Tool is used to rotate the hub in such a way that the turbine blades can be installed horizontally, facilitating this process significantly.


TILLEN has been involved with others, in the pre-engineering, concept definition and development of production drawings for several Walk-to-Work systems, and in one case in the improvement process. Their designs for various clients include the Hub Rotating Tool for Windwise, to enable the efficient and safe installation of wind turbine hubs and blades, and designs  such as customised piling templates, cable reel trolleys and lifting beams and spreaders for other clients.

T-trove is an online database for systems and equipment that require regular maintenance and/or inspections. It was launched T-trove at the WindEnergy Hamburg exhibition last September.


Besides providing customised engineering solutions, TILLEN has also developed a digital solution to enable the efficient use and inspection of all kinds of tools and lifting structures. T-trove is an online database for systems and equipment that require regular maintenance and/or inspections. This subscription-based solution consists of tagging equipment with a unique QR code that provides access to an online tracking and document portal which is easily accessible from any place with an internet connection. The portal not only provides space for necessary documents such as manuals and quality documents, but also an overview of completed and scheduled inspections and associated observations for each item.

Information essential for safe operation, such as the manual, is made openly available without requiring a subscription.

Information can be easily updated at any time, ensuring that the most up-to-date information on the equipment is always available. During inspections, observations can be processed immediately. T-trove proves especially advantageous for inspections in an offshore environment. It can be applied to either new equipment or retrofitted on existing equipment.

Representatives of TILLEN will be present at the Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference event in the RAI, Amsterdam, on Tuesday and Wednesday, 29 and 30 November, for those who would like to know more about T-trove or TILLEN’s other services. The company is organising networking drinks with other partners on Tuesday evening. The company will be present at the Floating Wind Solutions 2023 event in Houston, Texas, 30 January to 1 February 2023.

In 15 years Tillen has grown from a small team into a professional company with ambitions that reach across borders and soon an ocean to the United States where it is about to set up an agency. The April 2023 edition of Windpowernl magazine will focus on the topic of Human Capital and will include an article on how Tillen, together with its staff, has achieved this successful growth.

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One of the TILLEN-engineers’ latest lifting gear designs are four massive trunnion spreader beams with capacities up to 1500t, developed for Scaldis Salvage & Marine Contractors NV.

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