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13 Sep 2018

Mediaco Takes Demag AC55-3

Mediaco takes delivery of the first Demag AC55-3 All Terrain Crane in France. Photograph Demag

Date 13 September 2018

France’s provider of crane services, Mediaco has commissioned a new Demag® AC 55-3 all terrain crane — a first of its kind in France. Mediaco is scheduled to receive several more Demag all terrain cranes in the near future.

“The quality and innovative features are what sold us on the Demag line of all terrain cranes,” said Frédéric Gilbert, Chief Operations Officer in North of France for Mediaco. “We ordered several Demag AC 55-3 cranes because this particular model is a great fit for so many different applications. It has an impressive, 50 meter (164 ft) long main boom, which is the longest of any 3-axle crane models, and its compact design makes it easy to get around a congested city. Also very important for us, this crane is roadable with all its counterweight in the 12-tonne axle load limit. We’re looking forward to getting this new machine out in the field.”

Mediaco’s new 55-tonne (60 US-t) capacity Demag AC 55-3 features the latest industry advancements to increase productivity and reduce operating costs. The crane has an automated counterweight rigging system for easy and fast setup, a one-engine concept that reduces operational and maintenance costs and the IC-1 Plus control system that provides the crane’s maximum allowable lifting capacity, based on the slewing angle, for every crane configuration. Mediaco will be adding several more Demag AC 55-3 cranes soon — 20 in all. These new cranes will join a fleet of more than 600 machines.

Source Terex/Demag

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