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31 Mar 2020

MCS to Provide Vessel for Australian Antarctic Supply

Maritime Construction Services (MCS) has announced, that it has been awarded a contract by The Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) for Supply Services in the Antarctic region. The contract includes the resupply of several AAD stations in Antarctica, dedicated to climate research for the polar regions. The Multi-Purpose Vessel (MPV) EVEREST, the state-of-the-art DP3 Construction Vessel of MCS, will be deployed for the resupply expeditions. The project will take place from December 2020 until March 2021.

With the ICE Class 1A Super characteristics of the MPV Everest, this is the best equipped vessel worldwide to provide these services in Antarctica. The advanced systems onboard the EVEREST give it the smallest environmental footprint, while the large deck with strong cranes allows for the delivery of the largest project equipment, to the remote areas and in the hardest environments. Remotely operated vehicles can be deployed to do underwater work and research, if so required.

Anton Shishkarev, Director of MCS says: “We are more than proud to support the AAD with our flagship the MPV Everest, in their mission to answer the big scientific questions of our time; to understand Antarctica and the Southern Ocean as the engine room for global climate research climate change research. The MPV Everest has been built with one idea in mind: to enable safe and reliable operations in the polar regions. The MPV EVEREST has proven its exceptional performance at recent projects. Together with the AAD, we have been preparing for several weeks, and we are looking forward to a successful cooperation and exciting project.”

The Multi-Purpose Construction vessel EVEREST is built to the latest standards and equipped with a wide range of capabilities and features. Due to its unique characteristics, the MPV Everest can continue operations safely, under the most challenging conditions. With 1,400m2 of deck space a large quantity of project equipment or subsea structures/parts can be brought on board or lowered. The EVEREST is equipped with a 250MT Active Heave Compensated crane and three state-of-the-art ROV’s, 18 men SAT system making the vessel particularly suited for subsea construction and other specialized projects.
The DP3 1A Super ice class multipurpose vessel EVEREST can handle the severest Polar conditions. Built to the latest standards this state-of-the-art vessel continues to work safely where other vessels must stop.

the Nuyina

Damen is building a new purpose built vessel, Nuyina, for the AAD which will be ready for service next year.

The Everest is a DP3, Super Clean Ship with Green Passport, Ice Class 1A Super, winterized to -40ºC, DSV, oil recovery and firefighting ship.

Source MCS

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