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23 Aug 2018

MCH 125 in Thailand

Potain MCH 125 is working on the Samyan Mitrtown mixed-use development in Bangkok.

Date 23 August 2018

The first unit in Thailand of Potain’s first topless hydraulic luffer has helped Thai Obayashi build a new mixed-use development in Bangkok.

The Potain MCH 125 is working on the Samyan Mitrtown mixed-use development in Bangkok. The crane, leased from local dealer SB Siam, is lifting a range of materials including 3t concrete blocks and will also install a 5t transformer. It started work at a height of 51.4m, with a jib configuration of 40m. Final working height for the crane will be 144.4m when construction completes in May 2019.

“The MCH 125 is perfect for this project and Bangkok in general, as it has the technology and design to assemble quickly and operate easily on congested sites. Its cutting-edge design means the jib can always be kept within boundaries and is one of the major reasons we chose it,” said Julapong Janpengpen, construction manager at main contractor Thai Obayashi.

The MCH 125 is Potain’s first hydraulic topless luffing jib crane. One of its standout features, Manitowoc says, is its VVH hydraulic luffing technology for raising and lowering the jib. This innovative feature moves the jib from horizontal to 87° in less than two minutes. The design also eliminates the need for luffing ropes, which saves on assembly time. To further reduce on-site assembly time, the crane’s hydraulics are pre-connected at the factory, allowing contractors to get to work faster. Maximum capacity for the crane is 8t and it lifts 2t at its maximum jib length of 50m.

Samyan Mitrtown is being built by Golden Land Property Development and will cover a total of 222,000m2. The development includes six floors of retail space, 31 floors of office space and 33 floors of residential space. 

source Cranes Today

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