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13 Aug 2021

Maxim Adds 35 New Kenworth Trucks and 50 Trailers to Transport Fleet

Maxim Crane is expanding their fleet of trucks and trailers once again with 35 new Kenworth T880 models and 50 new Dorsey DC48s. This purchase will bring the additional resources needed to continue strengthening the fleet as they grow and open new locations across the country.

“We’ve have seen significant growth across the United States and understand the need to add resources to continue this trend. These trucks and trailers will fuel our growth and deliver on our promises for our customers as we partner with them for their lifting needs,” said Bryan Carlisle, CEO. 

The Kenworth T880 is a dependable, versatile truck perfect for performing everything Maxim needs from crane transport to heavy haul. With high quality PACCAR MX engines, these trucks will have the horsepower and torque needed to handle anything they throw at them, while being reliable and easy to maintain to keep them on the road.

“As we continue to expand, Maxim Crane continues to review our fleet and footprint as look for areas to improve, and become more efficient across our organization,” said Frank Bardonaro, COO of Maxim Crane. “These trucks and trailers added to our existing fleet represent our commitment to invest in the swift delivery of the best equipment across the country in safe and reliable manner. Our team reviewed the lift equipment inventory, the transportation resources available, and our growing footprint across the country to determine that this purchase supports our turn-key solutions model.”

“No matter the size of the company or project, we want to take care of our customers,” said Rob Schultz, VP of National Crawler Division. “We value the relationships we build with our clients, helping them with their projects, and taking care of their lifting and crane needs. This investment shows that Maxim Crane is willing to do that and continue our mission of being the Perfect Partner.”

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