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10 Feb 2020

Maxilevage Opts for Liebherr MK 88 in Guadeloupe

Maxilevage, a small French lifting and transport company based in Guadeloupe, has opted for Liebherr for the first time, taking delivery of an MK 88 mobile construction crane.

Handover of the mobile construction crane took place in Guadeloupe, a French overseas department in the southern Caribbean, at the Maxilevage depot in Sainte Rose. The company was provided with an introduction to the machine on site. Managing Director Daniel Gengoul was impressed and commented, “Assembly is simple and the mobile construction crane is very flexible in its range of operation.” As training continued, he became increasingly aware of the potential the mobile construction crane holds for the island. Consequently, the crane was already in operation in January for the installation of an air-conditioning system and for the unloading of shipping containers.

Maxilevage has 20 years of experience in the handling and transportation of bulky loads and now wants to expand its fleet with the MK 88, a perfect addition to its existing mobile cranes. On the one hand, the MK 88 requires very little space and can be positioned directly next to the building. On the other hand, it still has an impressive reach of 45 metres as well as an eight-tonne maximum load capacity.

Featured Title photograph: Daniel Gengoul (2nd from left), Managing Director of the French company Maxilevage, takes delivery of his first MK 88 in Guadeloupe.
F.l.t.r: Didier Phoudiah (Crane Operator Maxilevage), Daniel Gengoul (Managing Director Maxilevage), Eric Klingenstein (Sales Liebherr) and Christophe Fontaine (Service Technician Liebherr).

Source Liebherr

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