MAXIKraft Use Their Liebherr LTM1110-5.1 for 1.5t Lifts – Heavy Lift News
28 Oct 2022

MAXIKraft Use Their Liebherr LTM1110-5.1 for 1.5t Lifts

In the idyllic Falkensee in the West Berlin, young people sometimes build a nice new home. The team from MAXIKraft from Berlin has recently helped a young couple to obtain the roof structure, composed of individual load-bearing members, beams or trusses, for their future home.




But what sounds easy, turned out to be a challenging task on site, because in front of the building stood a whole row of trees. For this reason, all of roof beam elements had to be lifted piece by piece over the treetops onto the foundation walls and positioned there with centimetre precision – with a whopping 19m of hook height.



Although the weights of the wooden struts and beams were moderate at a maximum of 1.5t, the colleagues brought along their Liebherr LTM 1110-5.1, a 110t mobile crane, for the demanding lift.



With this, our crane driver placed the roof beams on the foundation walls with flying colours. In the end, our client, master roofer René Haase, was very satisfied. Shortly afterwards the topping-out ceremony could be celebrated!


Photographs courtesy of MAXIKraft


Source MAXIKraft


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