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29 Dec 2022

MAXIKraft Looks back at 2022 and Says Hello to 2023

MAXIKraft pitches in! The year 2022 has shown this again!

Every day, the teams of the MAXIKraft Group with Maximum, Kranlogistik Saxony, Kranlogistik Lusatia and Treffler are on the move achieving new heights and activities: building houses, building bridges, repairing works – or simply creating Christmas magic.

This year, their colleagues helped in Thüringen felling trees at a dam, erecting new radio masts for the 5G network and installing chimneys for the new gas-fired power plant in Leipzig.



Again and again, their professionals were called in to lift long railway bridges and huge escalators, to build wind farms or to maintain industrial sites and steel mills – from Eisenhüttenstadt to Salzgitter to Duisburg.

In Lausitz, they launched a Kalkboot and lifted a mega-transformer out of a ship in the Magdeburger port.



And that’s not all. With the full power of their fleet, many new things are being created in the East, including entire production halls and warehouses, logistics centres or small TinyHouses for retirement in the countryside.

And even if it is Christmas, their lifting talents are in demand every year for setting up Christmas trees, carousels and mulled wine stalls such as in Eisenach and many other Christmas Fair locations.



MAXIKraft Group has more than 200 cranes and 70 special heavy-lift vehicles in their huge fleet – and more than 500 great men and women in a real team…All of them are looking forward to 2023!


Source MAXIKraft

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