MAXIKraft Lifts Bridge Element for Züblin on Deutsche Bahn's S-Bahn Project - Video – Heavy Lift News
6 Oct 2023

MAXIKraft Lifts Bridge Element for Züblin on Deutsche Bahn’s S-Bahn Project – Video

A Megahub for Deutsche Bahn! For the past 12 months Deutsche Bahn has been up-grading the old S-Bahn station, Berlin-Köpenick, into a regional station.

More than 3km of track sections, tracks and overhead lines will be expanded and modernised. For this purpose, a huge new bridge element had to be installed, more than 25 m long, 5.5m wide and weighing a good 117t. On behalf of the construction company Züblin, the MAXIKraft team from Berlin accepted the challenge and received support from the MAXIKraft headquarters in Züllsdorf. The colleagues provided their large 650t mobil crane, the Liebherr LTM1650-8.1. The eight-axle vehicle had to be equipped with a full 175t of ballast for operation.

The mobile crane then lifted the steel bridge element from the heavy-duty trailer with a telescopic loading platform on trusses and swung the element with a radius of 15.3ms precisely on to the abutments at the same time as rail and pedestrian traffic was passing by. The telescopic boom had to be extended to 28m.



Even MAXIKraft’s experienced crane operator Thomas T., exclaimed that, “You don’t do something like this every day,”

After a good twelve minutes, the work was completed, and dismantling the crane could start.

The new Köpenick station is scheduled to be completed by 2027. MaxiKraft would love to come back!





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